The first strategic goal of the Tokelau Education Strategic Plan 2020-2025 is for a thriving Tokelau language and culture. The Gagana Tokelau website is a key initiative designed to advance Tokelau language development through making available to a worldwide audience gagana Tokelau resources published by the Government of Tokelau’s Department of Education.

The Gagana Tokelau resources and website were funded by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) via an Arrangement on Delegated Cooperation for the Tokelau Development Assistance Programme between DFAT and the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT).

Why it matters

“The Tokelau Term ‘tūtia’ from the saying ‘Tūtia te po ke ao’ (let me persevere the night til daylight) is in a prayer chanted by fishermen during open sea fishing expeditions asking for the strength, patience, steadfast and perseverance in order to make it til daylight.

Tūtia, or resilience in this Tokelau context embodies perseverance, patience, strength and steadfastness, the qualities relevant when offering services to family or others.” (Kalolo, 2019).

Language is intricately connected to building children and young people’s resilience. It is through their language and lived experiences that their values, arts and literature, belief systems, ways of thinking, and more are laid down and passed on from generation to generation. It builds their sense of who they are as a people. Having a strong sense of their identity would greatly enhance their potential to become resilient citizens anywhere in the world.

The Tokelau language and culture strategy gives value to the importance of the language, and culture as enablers in building students’ resilience.


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