Level 3

The Level 3 books can be used for reading to/with/by students who are in Late Primary (Year 7 to 8 or Level 7 to 8).

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    Whale Shark

    Whale Shark SB

    In 2018, a young whale shark was discovered in the lagoon at Nukunonu. The community invited Australian scientists Brad Norman and Samantha Reynolds to come to Nukunonu to help the community find out more about the whale shark. This non-fiction big book is available in both English and gagana Tokelau. Science

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    The Legend of Tokalalaga

    TOK Ko Te Kakai O Tokalalaga

    This is a retelling of the traditional story of Tokalalaga. Kakai

  • E Books

    Accidental Plastics

    TOK Volu

    From your toothbrush to a plastic bowl, plastic products are absolutely everywhere. It’s difficult to imagine life without these synthetic compounds. Science and technology

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    Blessings from the Sea

    TOK Manuia

    Nukunonu’s marine environment contains numerous species that we depend on for food. They are a blessing that supports us on our atoll, so we need to be cautious when it comes to the commercialisation of our exclusive economic zone. Science

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    An Invasion of Yellow Crazies

    TOK Ohofakiga

    Tokelau has been invaded by yellow crazies – an ant species. Scientists are investigating what can be done about them. By collecting and recording data, they are identifying the extent of the problem and figuring out the best course of action. Science

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    Blood Sugar

    TOK Huka

    Sarah Cook is a busy Year 10 student living with Type 1 diabetes. Diabetes is a disease that can affect your day-to-day life. Find out what Sarah does to manage her diabetes and make sure it doesn’t prevent her full and active lifestyle. Science

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