The Tokelau Department of Education provides resources to support the language, literacy, and content learning of Tokelau students (in gagana Tokelau). This site has links to resources, research, and examples of practice that teachers and school leaders can use to support and engage with Tokelau learners and their families.

Tautai Ake Books

The Tautai Ake resources are a set of print and online resources that are designed to support the language, literacy, and content learning of Tokelau students. There are a range of text types, including fiction, non-fiction, plays, poetry, and legends.

Connect Tokelau

The Connect Tokelau resources are a collection of articles to support learning in the science, technology, social science, and health and physical education curriculum areas.

E Books

The eBook resources are a set of electronic stories and articles with embedded audio.

ECE Resources

The Tautai Ake early childhood resources are designed to support the language, early literacy, and content learning of young children. These resources are designed to be shared with children in early childhood programmes.

Tokelau Language Standards

The Language Standards are the Tokelau Department of Education guidelines for writing and recording text for teaching and learning resources published in gagana Tokelau and English.

Research Reports

The Research Reports are a collection of research articles on topics that affect the Tokelau community directly, or are of interest to the Tokelau community. Some of the articles are based on research reporting from other (Tokelau government) departments, such as the Ministry of Climate, Oceans and Resilience (MiCORe) and Economic Development, Natural Resources and Environment (EDNRE).

Teacher Support Materials

Download the writeable Word document template to create teacher support materials (TSM) in either gagana Tokelau or English for the Tautai Ake resources.